This kimchi’s gone to heaven

Glenview’s Cho Jung: Korean-dad approved

At Cho Jung, the first and last words are its serious stews, arriving at your table in cast-iron pots, their contents bubbling with extreme violence. The color of gamjatang, a spicy pork neck and potato stew, is a furious hue of vermilion that screams: “You shall not pass.” Yet after the boiling subsides and you dare cross its path, the stew is far tamer than appearances suggest…..       more

A hidden strip-mall gem in Glenview, a northern ‘burb of Chicago, Cho Jung impresses with banchan made in-house and a variety of exotic, spicy soups. 

“Seekers of Chicagoland’s finest pajeon, the savory griddled scallion fritters found on 98 percent of Korean menus, will halt their search at Glenview’s Cho Jung. The haemul pajeon here, a seafood version mandatory with OB or Hite beer, embeds diced squid, mussels and green onion slivers into its lacy golden crust.”

— Kevin Pang, Chicago Tribune, Aug. 30, 2012

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